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What happens when an item is out-of-stock? 
We will give the customer the date that the order will be available next or refund the charges to the customer.

Can a customer pre-order a product that is not yet in stock?
Yes you may be able to pre-order a product that is not yet in stock. Contact our customer service team for further assistance.

How reliable is product “availability”?
Product availability is updated daily. In case of an availability problem, where the number of orders exceeds the current stock level, you will be informed by email or call with an expected availability and delivery time for your order.

Do you stock any other products?
All the products available are shown on the website.

How do I find accessories for the product?
There is list of all the accessories available for the selected item attached to the product information. With this list you can easily find the accessories we stock for your product. However if you are looking something specific you can always mail or Call us and we will get the best prices for you.

What is your pricing policy?
We attempt to offer the most attractive prices online. If you find a product cheaper elsewhere, kindly mail us the details and we may try to match it.

What happens if the price of the product changes between my placing an order and receiving the goods?
Once your order is placed and the payment is accepted and validated, we cannot change the price for your Order.


How will I keep track of my order’s progress when I submit an order on the website?
We will keep the customer informed of the order via e-mail. The tracking number will also be emailed to the customer once the item is shipped.

Does our website accept phone, fax, email orders?
All orders must be placed online.

How long does it generally take to process an order?
It takes two business days for us to process an order (prior to shipping it). Once the order has shipped, your estimated time of arrival will be determined by your selected shipping method and the shipping guidelines as per the destination.

Was the consumers order submitted successfully? The consumer was not able to see the order confirmation page?
If the consumer didn’t see an order confirmation page even though the consumer clicked the last submit button, our server probably still received your order. This happens when communication back to your PC is interrupted following your order submission. Please wait approximately 15 minutes and refresh your order status page in order to confirm whether or not your order was successfully submitted. If you still do not see it, please call the customer service team.

What should a customer do if a duplicate order has been placed by mistake? 
It takes a maximum of 15 minutes for all new orders to appear in “my account” for all registered customers. All non-registered customers please contact customer service. Should a customer place a duplicate order erroneously, one of the two orders can be cancelled without any re-stocking fees.

A customer is advised that his order is void. Why?
If an order is placed but the credit card is declined or the shipping address cannot be verified within 5 business days, the order is void. Automated emails are sent to the customers’ login email address any time there are issues processing the order.

Can a customer change his order once it has been submitted?
Unfortunately a customer cannot change his order after submission of the same.

Can a customer combine two separate orders to save on shipping costs?
As per the shipping policies two orders cannot be combined to save the shipping costs. It is up to us to send the shipment to you in the best manner it so desires.

Can I reactivate an order that has been voided or cancelled? 
A customer can place a new order online. An order cannot be reactivated once it has been cancelled or voided.


How does a consumer get the tracking number?
The tracking numbers for each day’s shipped orders are automatically emailed to the consumer after the order is placed and ready to be shipped after processing.

How do I track my shipped package(s)?
We want you to receive your order in the way that’s most convenient for you.
You can choose from several ways to ship. The shipping charges depend on the shipping method that you choose.

The consumers tracking number is not working. What should the consumer do?
The consumer needs to contact the customer service team and mention the problem.

The consumer was not available to receive the package(s) when the courier agent returned. What are the options?
Three attempts will be made by the courier agency for the consumer to receive the products. After failure to accept the product after 3 attempts the product will be shipped back to us at the customer’s expense. A redelivery would include shipping expenses charged to the customer again.

The courier agency returned the order/package to us. What happens now?
Once we receives the package, the company will once again contact the customer for charges related to reshipping and Return to Origin costs, i.e. the cost to bring the product back to us from the customers address.

What should I do if an item is missing from my order? 
If an item is missing from the order, follow the process outlined below:

1. Please DO NOT accept any open boxes.
2. Verify that you’ve received a box for each tracking number associated with your order.
3. If all boxes have been delivered but you are still missing an item, check the packing material for small items.
4. Contact the manufacturer with a short shipment complaint in case the manufacturers sealed box is missing any particular item/s.
5. Contact our customer service team.

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